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Antiviruses can report a suspicion of a trojan,
but this is a false positive, because it uses intrusion protection with encryption code and loading the program into memory.
For verification, use online services that are checked on a large number of anti-viruses. It will be more objective.


DevX-GameRecovery (MagicStudio, GameModding, RePacker, Unpacker): 

Current version 9.11

- Add support Unity 2020.1.x
- Add support parse Shader for 2019.3.1 (or higger)
- disable export standart shaders on export (make Unity project, make UnityPackage)
- fixed AnimationController export
- fixed shader convert to UnityLab format
- Update DevXC

Change log..
  - Recommended for use on Windows (with setup)   - Recommended for use on Windows (without setup)   - For use on MAC


DevXUnityUnpackerDemo-Android.apk   - For use on Adroid devices




DevX-ObfuscatorProCMD for .NET applications or Unity3D Game (.NET) (link2)