Unpacker F.A.Q.


Attention: The utility is intended solely for the purpose of learning or debugging your own games, remember that the contents of games are intellectual property of the developers.



Assigning licenses:

- GameRecovery: For professional use, allows you to integrate with Unity, this is a new development branch in which new unique functions will be added. Includes the entire set of features from the Unpacker-Magic-Studio (Pro), Repacker, GameModding

Runs inside UnityEditor 2018, includes advanced (as close to real) preview of scenes, objects, animations, etc. You can build a preview of the scene and immediately study its contents in the UnityEditor inspector, also allows you to import the Assets into the current project when you preview the scene.

- MagicStudioPro: To explore the game and restore the game project for Unity.

- RePacker-Tools: Designed to modify games

- Unpacker-Tools: Designed to get the basic resources from the game.

- Android-Unpacker: To learn games on the go (you can install on your phone or tablet)



What are the advantages of the delayed script recovery feature (for GameRecovery):

- the scripts will be in the exported project as a plugin DLL, and there will be no script errors, i.e. You can explore scenes and run in unityEditor right away.
 But this does not mean that they will work correctly (there is a difference in the versions, features of the scripts), sometimes it works right away, sometimes not.

- in this form, you can watch and run scenes in UnityEditor, but you cannot create a Build because versions of Unity are different (in dll)
to get the finished game you still have to export the scripts and fix the errors.

Total: this allows you to watch scenes in UnityEditor right away (and possibly launch them) and allows you to extract individual or all scripts of the plug-in in the same project (with automatic adjustments to references to scripts in scenes and prefabs).



What conditions are necessary for the program to work
  It is necessary to fulfill the following conditions:
- The program must have access to the server http://devxdevelopment.com
- The time on the computer / device must be correct (match the world time)
- The program must be installed / unpacked in a separate directory
- In the directory in which you installed you can not change anything and add, no foreign files should be
- Always check the current version at http://devxdevelopment.com/DevXUnityUnpackerChangeLog


License activation errors:
- Enter the license number instead of the license text (the license is the entire contents of the License.txt file with all delimiters)
- Enter not the entire contents of the license, ignoring the delimiters! You need to copy the entire contents of the license file!
- Introduce the old license. After the license is reissued, all previous licenses become invalid! You only need to enter the latest up-to-date license.
- Attempts to activate a license in which the number of activations has expired. In this case, you need to click on the link from the license letter to the license re-license page, and re-create it - as a result, all the old ones will be reset. But you need to use a new license, which will then come to the post office.
- The license is blocked. The license is blocked when you try to use it on modified or non-officially distributed distributions!
- The license has expired (for time-limited versions)

The program writes that dll is not found:
- Perhaps you did not open the game itself but its resources (obb, unity bundle etc). You need to open resources at the same time as the main game. In such cases, put everything in one directory (game and external resources) - and open it as a directory with the game.
- Perhaps the assembly (.dll) is encrypted, in this case you need to extract them from the device (for example https://www.andnixsh.com/2015/11/tutorial-how-to-decrypt-encrypted-dll.html?m=1 )
- for an exact answer you can send a link to the game in technical support


Scripts shows, but in them functions without code
- Perhaps scripts are compiled using IL2CPP technology and do not contain .NET assemblies, only metadata on which you can restore only the structure of the class


How to get the program after payment
- After the payment of the program, the license and links to licensed distributions come to the email associated with the purchase (may indicate in the commentary another email or report the purchase with the payment details)
- The dispatch time can vary from several minutes to several hours (depending on the method and time of payment)
- In case of subsequent cancellation of payment transaction (for any reason), the license will be automatically blocked and the program will stop working at the same moment.


How long does access to new versions
- When purchasing a license that is not limited in time, the annual subscription is valid, after the expiry of the year, you can renew the subscription for updates (the cost of subscription depends on the type of license).
- When buying a limited-time license, access to new versions is valid for the duration of the license.

What happens when the license expires (for a limited time)
- License becomes invalid
- the program stops working
- access to updates is stopped

What to do if the license was stolen
- Reissue the license by link from the letter, all previous licenses will be void.


What to do if you plan to install a license to another computer instead of the old one (hardware update)
- Reissue the license by link from the letter, the old activation will be reset, and will be available for re-activation


Is it possible to transfer the license to other people (collective purchase)
- No, if no additional activations were agreed and no purchases were made


Is it possible to increase the number of activations
- Yes, you can pay for additional licenses, in this case, the use of several people within the organization.