Product "DevXUnity-Obfuscator Pro" - is a complex protection utility for Unity 3D platform,

Obfuscator Recommendation for Unity


Protection against UnpackerTools
protects code and resources from export 

and is designed to:
- obfuscated scripts and libraries;
- fully automated localization system;
- encryption resources and string code data;

Obfuscation (. Lat obfuscare, «obscure, darken") - obfuscated code of the program, that is, to bring the source code or executable code to the form, retain the functional program, but complicates the analysis and understanding of algorithms and modifications during decompilation. "Entanglement" code can be carried out at the level of the algorithm at the source code, assembly code.

- Support obfuscation:
- compiled scripts (C #, Script, Boo)the source code is not modified
- assemblies that are connected in the form of ready-made libraries (DLL Assembly)

- Support obfuscation in real real-time mode. When modifying obfuscation script is performed automatically, and you can in the editor by running the player to work with the obfuscated version, which helps to take into account the peculiarities of the obfuscation process at the stage of creating the product.

- Symbol obfuscation:
- - Renaming of classes, methods and their parameters, fields, properties, a set of meaningless symbols;
- - Support obfuscation control attributes;(System.Reflection.ObfuscationAttribute)
- - Exclude from obfuscating mechanism defined class methods;
Automatic exclusion of renaming the classes and methods used by Unity environment;

- Ability to insert limits the application within 5 minutes

- of data protection to access which is used PlayerPrefs
- encryption variable names;
- encryption of stored data;
- Encrypt string data with caching option for operation without loss of velocity to the encrypted data.
This defense mechanism to eliminate the possibility of studying the code of the text data.
- Encryption resources (text, images, AssetBundle, binary data). This mechanism helps to protect data when unpacking the contents of the resource. The following options are available:
- the default encryption key (the public key for the project)
- encryption key for each individual resource

- Automated localization of the product into many languages.
- Levels of support localization:
- Localization string code data (scripts and additional assemblies)
- Localization text data scenes
- localization resource files
- Funkitsonalnye options:
- Select set the necessary language
- ability to store resources in a resource Asset and inside assemblies;
- Automatic analysis and collection of text data on all scenes
- Automatic analysis of textual data scripts and assemblies;
- The ability to filter by various parameters
- Issue recommended list of strings to localize
- the opportunity to select individual scenes string data, scripts and assemblies to include localization
- support automatic transfer of resources to the selected language (Translation service "Yandex.Translate")
- spell checking support (for languages RU, EN "spell check: Yandeks.Speller")
- The ability to export and import resource data for translation in CSV format as well as the loading of GoogleSheets