Product "DevXUnity-Localization" - is an automated localization tool for Unity 3D platform;


To open the obfuscation settings, select Windows->DevXUnity-Localization from the main menu

Assets\DevXUnityLocalization\DevXUnity.cs class of plug for use in the code calls for real functions are replaced at the time of obfuscation
Assets\DevXUnityLocalization\DevXUnityLocalizeGameObject.cs - a helper class for scenes of localization, it is used automatically by the system localization

Assets\DevXUnityLocalization\Editor\DevXUnityLocalization.dll - a library implementing the function introduction localizer


¦ Support for multiple languages;
¦ Localization string code data (script and additional assemblies);
¦ Localization scenes text data;
¦ Localization of resource files;

¦ Automatic analysis of textual and collecting data on all scenes;
¦ Automatic analysis of textual data scripts and assemblies;
? The ability to filter by various parameters;
? Issuance of recommended list of strings for localization;
¦ Possibility of selecting individual scenes string data, scripts and assemblies for inclusion in localization;
¦ Support for automatic transfer of resources to the selected language (Translation "Yandex.Translate" service);
¦ Support for spell checking (for languages RU, EN, "Spell Check: Yandeks.Speller");
¦ The ability to export and import resource data for translation in CSV format as well as the loading of GoogleSheets;